THUSA Dynamics Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd., South Africa
A THUSA Group Company 

THUSA Dynamics is an innovative software development company, based in South Africa, employing international methods and standards in its solutions. Registered in 2002, THUSA Dynamics (Pty) Ltd develops systems that are customised to meet its clients very specific needs.

With its portfolio of commercially available packaged products growing, and its systems operational in production environments, mostly around Southern Africa but also abroad, THUSA is continuing to build its brand and reputation as a leader not only in the South African software market but internationally too.

THUSA's TravPro™ has been the first to make its presence felt over the web, in 2005, using open source Apache Tomcat and MySQL technology. Big name African tour operators such as the Caraville group of companies were one of the early takers and have seen the product grow from strength to strength. They now use the technology to bring their European, Australian and other international clients online travel services which allow immediate confirmation and manage their booking processes.

The underlying technology used in our commercial packaged systems involve the Microsoft SQL Server database back-end and our client side applications are developed in Borland C++ RAD environment The TravPro™ system's web interface is hinged on the Apache Tomcat web server and MySQL is used as the database storage mechanism.

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