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Industry Partners

THUSA Dynamics has aligned itself with South African based industry partners in order to bring you, the customer, well developed and serviced software.

Its all part of our end-to-end plan to implement and develop efficient solutions.

THUSA is a globally focused, proudly South African technology services and solutions company.

THUSA's mission is to deliver professional, high-quality, value-driven technology solutions and services to all types of organisations anywhere in the world.

The THUSA team is committed to assisting clients in achieving their business objectives through delivery of consistent, high-quality products and services.
nexus internet service provider

Nexus Internet Service Provider is a South African based internet service provider.

It was developed and launched in the interest of serving the public and business sectors with broadband internet connectivity and web hosting services. Nexus Internet Service Provider always strives to expand its scope by means of strategic partnerships and affiliations with various other industry leaders. Nexus Internet Service Provider is a trusted ISP that provides affordable solutions and service excellence.

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