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travpro tour operator software
TravPro™ is a South African developed tour operator costing software system.

Designed for:
- Inbound Tour Operators
- Outbound Tour Operators
- Service handlers
- Costings and reservations management
- Corporate travel management
- Destination management

Truly scalable, whether its a single terminal or a hundred, it is an essential tool for small, medium and large scale tour operators.

This world class piece of software delivers power and flexibility like no other system available. From front end reservations and costings through to supplier booking e-mail generation, and on to back office accounting integration, TravPro™ is truly seamless.

Tour costings form the basis of the system and you, the tour operator, are able to build on from there. Automatic generation of vouchers is done at the click of a button. Whether its car hire, scuba dive tours or luxury aircraft charter, TravPro™ is capable of handling custom service types. You configure the software around your needs.

Taking things further since version 3, we have worked at developing TravPro™ around the growing web based future. With more and more tour operators becoming aware of the potential in the online market, we have taken the software to new heights. Your clients, whether they are agents, corporates or other tour operators, can register on your very own web based booking site. The site then integrates with your local office, and costings, bookings and rates get pulled through automatically, live, every minute of the day.

Multi-tiered preferred rate configurations are easily setup, and clients can be easily configured to receive negotiated discounts and markups. No more consulant calculation errors.

Invoicing and debtor/creditor handling is done via third party programming interfaces. Our preferred accounting system is Softline Pastel Accounting, however we have developed specific export batchs for systems such as AccPac, QnA, Quickbooks and various others for specific clients.

Key features:
-Instant confirmation with allocations
-Generates Itinerary and Service vouchers
-Integration with back-office accounting systems
-Quick and easy packaging of products
-Supports multiple currencies
-Automated e-mail's to suppliers and creditors
-Expansion platform for custom development and integration with other operators around the world (such as Gullivers GTA)

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With operations around Southern Africa implementing the TravPro™ system in production environments, we are confident that our tour costing solution will suit your requirements.

Key usage benefits:
- Tailored tours (FIT)
- Group travel and bookings
- Packages and scheduled tours
- Speciality tours (dive, safari, wildlife, etc)
- Expandable web booking platform for retail/trade

Take a look at some of the screen snapshots to the left of this pane to preview the system.

You can also find some sample documents below:
- Costing
- Service Vouchers
- Itinerary

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download tour operator softwareTravPro™ Demo available FREE now!
You can now download a free/demo version of our tour operator costing software.

You can also preview our software by downloading our free tutorials.

tour operator software tutorials
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EstiCon is a tool for every quantity surveyor, builder and architect. It is an application that accurately determines dimensions, costing pre square meter and costing per material type. It generates quantity reports to the specifications of the Quantity Surveyors Association of Southern Africa.

This product is, at the moment in the final development phases, and we welcome innovative new ideas, suggestions and beta testers for future modules that we may incorporate into the system.

-Incorporation of dimension calculations.
-Specific calculators that will determine bricks, timber, etc. of structures such as foundation footings, walls, ceilings, etc.
-Calculates hire as well as purchase of equipment, labor and material - all in one clean calculation.

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